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Family Law

Family Law Visiting an attorney for issues relating to your family isn’t something anyone looks forward to, but if you’re reading this, it may be the exact appointment you need to make. With more than 4 decades of experience with family courts in Hampton Roads, our team’s reputation is built on our ability to minimize strife, promote cooperation and make every effort to set the tone for successful negotiation. However, sometimes settling isn’t a viable possibility. That’s why, as trial lawyers, we begin collecting and studying information immediately — to prepare to go to trial, should that become necessary.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all matters of family law, including: trial litigation, negotiation, divorce, custody modification, visitation and support issues and distribution of property in Hampton Roads. If you’d like to discuss what’s going on in your home, with your custody agreement, or with an ex-spouse, you may fill out the form below or simply call us at 757-420-9653 and we’ll schedule an appointment to speak privately and confidentially about your specific situation.

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